Female Empowerment in Bangladesh - Essay for Honours Exam

Female Empowerment in Bangladesh Essay. English is a compulsory subject in Honours 2nd year. Essay is a most important question at honours 2nd year exam with 15 Marks.
Female Empowerment in Bangladesh Essay. English is a compulsory subject in Honours 2nd year. Essay is a most important question at honours 2nd year exam with 15 Marks. Today I am going to share a important Essay and it may helpful for your NU Honours Exam. Female Empowerment is a most important essay for your Honours and Degree exam of Bangladesh National University. Now we're regular publish all important paragraph and essay for honours and degree exam. If you find it helpful for you, then don't forget to share this with your other NU Student friend.

Female Empowerment in Bangladesh essay for honours exam

Female Empowerment in Bangladesh Essay

This is a common and very important for honours exam. You know essay come with 15 Marks in every exam. So you must try to answer this question. Today I am sharing very shortly Female Empowerment in Bangladesh Essay with you. I hope it may helpful for you and your next honours and degree exam. You know Female Empowerment in Bangladesh is now very important. So, must need to know about this important essay. So now let's start dear friends. 

Female/Women's Empowerment in Bangladesh

Introduction: Women constitute half of the total population of our country. Their role in our national development is great. They are equal to men in this regard. No one can deny it. So, they should be empowered. Now let us discuss why women's empowerment is essential.

Definition: Empowerment means the act of giving the powerless power. So, women's empowerment means the act of giving women power to join various workforce's.

Female's condition in the past: Women's'/Female's condition in the past was very pathetic. They were confined within four walls. They were dependent on the male members. They were busy with household chores. They did not have the right to go out. They suffered from malnutrition. They were the victims of gender discrimination.

Importance of women's empowerment: Women's empowerment is vital. It will help women to be self-sufficient. It will help to resist oppression against women. It will unchain women from gender discrimination. Women will be able to contribute to our national development if they are empowered. To make the dreams of the nation true, women's assistance is a must. Women's empowerment can ensure their all rights.

Steps for empowerment: For the empowerment of women, some steps are necessary. Women should be given proper education. They should be made more conscious of their rights. More work opportunities should be created for them. They should be given just wages at their work place. They should be protected from any type of oppression harassment. They should be involved in national politics.

Present condition: The present condition of women's empowerment is positive. Women are becoming educated. Now they are conscious of their rights. They are no longer confined to the four walls of their homes. They are joining many jobs. They are competing with men. They are working in garments, educational institutions, mills and factories. Many women are becoming pilots, doctors, engineers and so Prime Minister, Home Minister, Foreign Minister and what not. Women are contributing to family income. They have been able to bring happiness and peace to their families. Thus, women have brought benefits for our families, society and for the nation.

Attitude toward them: At present men have changed their attitude towards women. Now every sector is opened for women. They can easily join any job. They have proved their worth. Like men, they are respected at their work place.

Conclusion: In the end, we can say that women are our great asset. They are helping in our national development. We should create suitable environment for their work. Otherwise, the country will lag behind.

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