NU Degree 3rd Year English Suggestion 2018

Hello guys, Today I am sharing NU Degree 3rd Year English Suggestion 2018 of the Session 2014-15 and academic year 2017. This is the degree compulsory english suggestion 2018. If you follow this suggestion, Hope 90% will common on your National University Degree 3rd year final Exam. I know every exam suggestion is very helpful for any examine. I hope This Degree Final Year English suggestion will help you.

In this article, I am sharing National University Degree 3rd year exam English Suggestion 2018 for an upcoming exam. You may also check Degree 3rd year routine 2018 here. If you're looking for degree english suggestion 2018, then you're the perfect place.

NU Degree 3rd Year English Suggestion 2018

English is the compulsory subject on Degree 3rd year. But National University Degree 3rd year syllabus is too long. That's why students are always looking for Degree 3rd year English Suggestion 2018 for their exam. I hope this Degree final year English short suggestion will help you in your exam hall In Sha Allah. Check all important Essay for your English exam.

Degree 3rd Year English Suggestion 2018

National University Degree 3rd Year English Suggestion 2018

This article is for only who are looking for National University Degree 3rd Year English Suggestion 2018. Degree final year exam is the last exam of NU graduation. So, you just need to do a good result in your final exam. Check this out degree exam suggestion 2018. 

Degree Final Year English Suggestion 2018

* An intellectual is one........... to reveal to other.
** Money can not buy......... happiness.
** A freedom fighter is............. on the world.
** Today women are playing important........ brings.
** Climate change is one........ our achievement.
* One fascinating benefit..... through the university.
** Today woman are playing important.... income.

Paragraph Writing
**Female Education 
** Eve-tasing.
** Tree plantation.
** Price -Hike.
** Food Adulteration.
** Freedom fighters.
** Mobile phone.
** Facebook.
** A Book Fair.

Report Writing
** Write a report for the press on the save the rivers, save the country.
** On the logging in a different part of Dhaka.
** An the anti-corruption seminar held in year college.
** On the blood donation programme in your locality.
** A terrible dacoity has occurred in a jewelry shop in your town. suppose you are the local correspondent of a national daily. now make a report on it.

Informal Letter Writing
** Write a letter to your younger brother about the bad effects of smoking and advising him not to smoke.
** Your younger brother advising him to avoid bad company.
** Your find informing what you would like to do after your graduation.

Formal Letter: NU Hons 2013, 2014, 2016. Degree 2015, 2014, 2013

Job Application Writing:
** Write an application for the post of sales manager.
** Write an application with to the principle of a college for the post of a lecturer.
** Write an application to the director of an information technology company for the post of a system analyst.
** Write an application to the manager of a bank for the post of a junior officer

**Freedom fighters 
** Patriotism.
** Natural calamities in Bangladesh
** Empowerment of women.
** Tree plantation
** Students of social service.
** Digital Bangladesh.
** World cup football.

➦Dialogue Writing
** Write a dialogue between a salesman and customer,
** Write a dialogue between two friends on watching an interesting TV Programme.
** Write a dialogue between two friends on the necessary of multimedia classrooms.
** Write a dialogue between you and your father about your plan after the degree examination.

** Acid Throwing
** Eve teasing
** Corruption
** Drug Addition
** Food Adulteration.

Advertisement Writing
Degree - 2007,2008,2012,2014
Honos 2013, 2016, 2017

In final Words: I hope all are mentioned Degree 3rd year English Suggestion 2018 will be helpful for you upcoming Degree final year exam. If you have any question about this degree compulsory english suggestion 2018, Then feel free to leave a simple comment. I'll try my best to resolve your problems. Thank you.

NU Degree 3rd Year Routine 2018 [Session 2014-15]

Are you looking for NU Degree 3rd Year Routine 2018 session 2014-15 and academic year 2017? In here I am going to share this Degree 3rd year exam routine 2018. The exam was held in 2017. But unfortunately, Degree 3rd year exam will be held on 2018 first week of September. But Bangladesh National University till not published the routine yet. But it will be published very soon. Collect your Degree final year routine.

In here I am writing details about it. Here is old syllabus Degree final year routine. Degree 3rd year exam routine 2018 will publish on last week April and exam will start from July. Once the Degree 3rd year routine got published, you can easily download it from here as JPEG file and PDF file also. Check Degree 3rd Year Suggestion 2018 here.

NU Degree 3rd Year Routine 2018

Normally Degree 3rd year exam isn't the same. Two exams are held under two different syllabus. Here I am just sharing Degree 3rd year routine 2018 . This exam will be held under the Bangladesh national university. The academic year is 2017 and session 2014-15 for regular students, and 2013-14 for irregular students. You can easily download your Degree 3rd year exam routine 2018 from here. When the routine got published officially, I'll update it here immediately. Degree final year routine Download.

NU Degree 3rd Year Routine 2018

The authority of the National university till not published the Degree pass and certificate exam course exam routine. It will publish very soon. Also Read: NU Degree 3rd year Result

Degree 3rd year exam routine 2018 Download

National University Degree routine is very casual. It does not publish easily. But every year a large number of examining attended on the Degree final year exam. I said before, The routine will be publishing soon. Probable date is the First week of June and the exam will start from last week of July. Before that, you should need to download the exam routine. PDF download Degree 3rd year routine 2018. If you need SSC Exam Routine 2019, then download it.

Download NU Degree 3rd year exam routine 2018

PDF Download Degree 3rd year routine 2018

Studyhourbd is National university-based website, that publishes all kind of latest updates, news, notice, result and routine about Bangladesh National University. Many of our valuable visitors, message us for share Degree 3rd year routine 2017 held on 2018. I hope you helped by found the routine.

Degree 3re Year Routine 2018

Every year a huge number of students are attended on the Degree pass and certificate couse exam. It is the 3 year course of National University. If 2014-15 session candidates are looking for Degree 3re Year Routine 2018 or Degree final year routine, then this page may be helpful for him/her.

Look Back Degree 3rd year exam 2018

National University Degree 3rd year routine 2018 or final year exam form fill up notice has been published on 11th December 2017on The form fills up started from 1st January to 19th January 2018. The exam routine will be published in the first week of June and exam will start from last week July or first week March. Just stay with us. We'll notify you all latest information about Degree 3rd year exam routine 2018.
Degree 3rd year new form fill up notice 2018

If you have any questions about Degree 3rd year routine 2018 of the academic year 2017 and session 2012-2013, then feel free to leave a reply on the comment box. I'll reply to you ASAP. Thank you.

NU Masters Final Year Exam Routine 2018 [Session: 2015-16]

Hello guys, Here I am sharing all about NU Masters Final Year Exam Routine 2018 of the academic year 2016 and session 2015-16. National University Masters Final Year Routine 2018 and Center List to be published very soon by the official website and as well as our website. Recently NU authority published Masters Final year exam form fill up notice. You can discover more about it from here.

According to this Masters Final Year Exam 2016 form fill up the notice, admission application started from 310th August to 27th September 2018. After the end of the form fill up, Masters Final Year exam routine 2018 of the academic year 2016 will be published here.

NU Masters Final Year Exam Routine 2018

If you are looking for national university masters final exam routine 2018 for your upcoming 2016 Master final exam, then you're the right place. Today I am discussing the Masters Final year exam application form fill up. Also, Check Masters Final Year Result.

Masters Final Year Exam Routine 2018

You can easily collect your masters exam routine 2018 pdf. The following routine to be published within a short time. Once the routine got published, then you can download it from here. If you want also details about form fill up a notice, then you can also know about it. This following Masters Final year exam routine is compatible with MA, MSS, MBA, MSC, M Miuse last year with ICT exam.

National University Masters Final Year Exam Routine 2018
NU Masters Final Year Exam Routine 2018
NU Masters Final Year Exam Routine 2018 part2

Masters Final Year Routine 2018 PDF

PDF (portable document format) is the easy file format for any students. That's why they always looking for this format file. That's why you can also Download Masters Final Year routine 2018 as a PDF file format as well as JPEG image file. Probably the National University Masters Final Year exam 2016 will hold on November 2018.

Masters Final Year Exam Form Fill Up Details

National University Published a notice on 16th August about Masters Final Year exam form fill up. According to this notice, application form fills up started from 30th August to 27th September. After the end of the form fill up, Masters Final year exam routine 2018 will publish within a short time. HSC Routine 2019 is here.

Important dates for Masters Final year exam

  • Online Application and Form Download: 30th August to 25th September
  • Application Antri Last date: 26th September
  • Pay-slip collect and Sonali Seba Free Submission: 30th September
  • Deadline for submitting the form and other documents: 1st October
  • Online Application link:
Masters final year form fill up notice 2018

NU Masters Final Year Exam Admit Card Download

The NU Masters Final Year Exam Routine 2018 is not released yet but the exam will be started on the last week of October or first week of November. So, all students must have to collect the admit cards very soon. It is very easy to collect admit cards. The students can collect admit card from National University official website. Besides, candidates will have to print out 2 copies admit card. Moreover, students are able to download the admit cards from

Masters Final Year Routine 2018 Download

After complete all form fill up the process, NU Authority will publish the downloadable Masters Final year routine 2018 of the academic year 2016 and session 2015-16. The students can get their NU Masters Final year Routine via online using Bangladesh national university official website. Generally, every Routine of Bangladesh National University publishes from NU Computer Center. You can get your Routine from the official website of the national university.

Finally, the Masters Final year exam is going to start very soon and according to some news, it will start on the November 2018. So, all students must download the NU Masters Final Year Exam Routine 2018 from here. But, the routine isn’t released yet but it will be published soon. So stay updated with us.

PSC Routine 2018 Bangladesh [PDF Download]

Now, the wait is over. Are you looking for PSC Routine 2018! This time I am sharing PSC Exam Routine 2018 with you. Primary school certificate in short PSC is the examination of class 5. Ebtedayee is also the same exam of PSC. Who is studying under Bangladesh Madrasah board they called Ebtedayee student. This is the best place for download PSC Exam Routine and Ebtedayee exam routine as a JPEG and PDF file.

PSC Exam will start from 18th November to 26th November. PSC Exam Routine 2018 to be published on official website of Primary Education board. Now, you can easily download psc routine 2018 from our website as image or PDF file.

PSC Routine 2018 Bangladesh

PSC is the first educational examination at all class 5 students. If they are passed the exam, then they can admit info class 6. After that, they start their Secondary school journey. Routine or timetable is the most important part of every exam. If you looking for PSC Routine 2018 for all education board, then JSC Routine 2018 web page may helpful for you.

PSC Routine 2018 Bangladesh

In here I am going to share full and final PSC Exam Routine 2018 that officially published by Primary education board. All PSC exam held under the Directorate of Primary education board and routine and timetable also publish under this board. In below I am sharing probable PSC Routine 2018.

PSC Routine 2018 Download
PSC Routine 2018 Download
PSC Routine 2018 PDF Download

You can also download PSC Routine 2018 as an image file or PDF file. Here is officially published psc routine. The routine published with the image, then we'll also convert if PDF file. Collect the primary school certificate exam routine and save it to your computer or mobile device.

PSC Ebtedayee Routine 2018 Madrasah Board

You know that the PSC and Ebtedayee exam is the same. The examiner who attended on PSC exam called that Ebtedayee student. But this routine is deferent. You can download your PSC Ebtedayee Routine 2018 from here. The exam of  Ebtedayee will start at the same time as PSC Exam. But you know that the subjects of Ebtedayee students aren't same. In below I am just sharing most probable exam date of Ebtedayee exam 2018. Once the routine will publish officially, then I will again update it here immediately.

Ebtedayee Routine 2018 on a Table

Subject Date Day Time
English 20 November 2018 Monday 11.00 AM to 1.30 PM
Bangla 21 November 2018 Tuesday 11.00 AM to 1.30 PM
Bangladesh & bisway porichoy 22 November 2018 Wednesday 11.00 AM to 1.30 PM
Arabic 23 November 2018 Thursday 11.00 AM to 1.30 PM
Quran & Tajbid & akaid & Fikaf 25 November,2018 Saturday 11.00 AM to 1.30 PM
Mathematics 27 November,2018Monday 11.00 AM to 1.30 PM
PDF Download Ebtedayee Routine 2018

Guys, I hope you understand the full routine of PSC and Ebtedayee exam. If you want an image format of full exam routine, then download the routine to your smart device that officially published by the primary board. I recommended you, visit our site regularly for finding your PSC Routine 2018.

Last year PSC and Ebtedayee exam were held on November 2017. Probably the exam date may be the same. In here I am sharing probably exam date or PSC Routine 2018 according to last year exam date. You can easily download officially published PSC and Ebtedayee exam routine by Primary education board of Bangladesh.

Final words: In above, we just shared officially published routine of primary school. If you have any question about PSC Routine 2018 and timetable, then just leave a comment on the comment sections. You can find a more informative article about your PSC Exam Routine 2018. Thank you very much for stay with us.

SSC Routine 2019 All Education Board [PDF Download]

SSC Routine 2019 Bangladesh for all education board is here. Now you can download recently published SSC Exam Routine 2019. The exam is knocking the door. I hope the following The Routine of Secondary School Certificate (SSC) has been published under the Bangladesh Education Board Computer center

SSC Routine 2019 Bangladesh for all education board to be published very soon under the Dhaka education board. Basically, The following routine published in October to November. So, I hope the SSC Routine will be published on last week of October. Check HSC Routine 2019 also.

SSC Routine 2019 Download

Now you can download SSC Routine 2019 as a PDF File or JPEG file format without any problem.  The Education minister recently published a notice and said that The SSC Exam will start from 2nd February 2019 to 10th March. The Practical exam also held on this month. SSC Practical exam starts from 12th March to 16th 2019.

SSC Routine 2019 All Education Board

In this article, We'll also publish SSC Routine 2019. From our website download SSC Exam Routine for all education board (Dhaka Board, Chittagong Board, Rajshahi Board, Comilla Board, Barisal Board, Sylhet Board, Khulna Board, Rangpur Board, Dinajpur Board, Madrasa Board).
Here is SSC Routine 2019 Dhaka Board that is published recently on Bangladesh Education Board. According to this Routine, the SSC Exam and Alim Exam will start from 2nd February and it will continue till 7th March 2019. This is very important to download SSC Exam Routine 2019 for all students those are reading on class 10th in this year. Every exam's Routine is very important for making a good result.

SSC Exam Routine 2019 Bangladesh

In above we published the SSC Exam Routine 2019 as an image format and PDF format. You should download any kind of format as you like. Here is SSC Routine for all education board and alim Routine also for Bangladesh madrasah education board. Download high-quality Routine from our website. The Secondary School Certificate Exam will start from 2nd February to 6th March. Now download SSC Exam Routine 2019 pdf.

SSC Routine 2019 For All Boards

Recently Bangladesh Education Board Published the SSC Routine 2019 on their official website. Hope you also looking for The SSC Routine? Okay guys, in above we shared all image format of secondary school certificate exam. SSC Exam Routine in Bangladesh Education board Dhaka and all others general education board like Dhaka Board, Chittagong Board, Rajshahi Board, Comilla Board, Barisal Board, Sylhet Board, Khulna Board, Rangpur Board, Dinajpur Board, Madrasa Board. SSC Exam will start on 2nd February, in next year and will remain until 10th March.

SSC Routine For All Education Boards

  • Dhaka Education Board 
  • Rajshahi Education Board 
  • Comilla Education Board 
  • Sylhet Education Board 
  • Chittagong Education Board 
  • Dinajpur Education Board 
  • Jessore Education Board 
  • Barishal Education Board
We shared all kind of information about SSC Exam 2019 Routine. If like our post, then don't forget to share this post with your other friends or on your social media. We'll also publish some sure SSC exam suggestions of all subject. That will make your study easier and make you perfect for your exam. Don't worry guys, in your hand you have most times, so guys, do a good study and make good Routines on SSC Exam.

SSC Exam Routine 2019 Bangladesh education board Published

SSC Routine 2019

SSC Routine 2019 PDF Download

We are already talking about SSC Routine 2019 for all of the Students. Every Student looking for the published Routine. Because of Its very important for all of the Students and for exam preparation. Every year first time Bangla 1st & 2nd part after English 1st & 2nd part held. So, you can study more with these subjects.

How To Download SSC Routine 2019 from the Internet?

Now a day, It is a popular question we hear from the SSC Examinee that, how to download SSC Routine 2019 from the Internet. They also Search for this keywords. Now, We are describing details about the SSC routine and time-table collection Process from the Internet for all Education Board.

We recommend you to collect your SSC exam routine from the Education Board Official Website. There are too many other websites available which provide a chance to collect the routine. You can visit our site again to collect your SSC Exam Routine 2019 during the routine Publish season. I hope this is the ideal page for collect your upcoming SSC Exam routine with PDF file.

SSC Exam 2019 Marks Distribution

The SSC Result will test the answer sheet with the Subject wise Mark Distribution system. Now we will describe the Marks schedule of SSC exam subject wise written, Objective and Practical. Check the Table for the Secondary School Certificate or SSC Exam Mark Distribution:

The Others Subject like Computer or ICT, Basic Trade, and others are unchanged by the Education Board. The Marks sheet powered by Education board Bangladesh. We will correct it here again if any change finds from Education boards.

SSC Exam Short Suggestion

If you want to do better or a smart result, There are no alternative ways to read and read. We highly recommend you to read more and more. It will help to make a good Result on the SSC Exam. There is a good news for us to you. You can get a Short suggestion by the different specialist of each subject before the Exam day on here. It is an additional benefit for you. So, Visit our site daily during the Exam times to get the SSC Exam short suggestion 2019.

SSC Routine 2019 Infographic

SSC Routine 2019 Infographic
Infographic of SSC Routine 2019 and its need
StudyhourBD is a website that publishes all kind of educational information. In this post, we shared all information about SSC Exam Routine 2019. Hope this post helped you lot. Here is Bangladesh all education board SSC Routine. Download image format SSC 2019 Routine from above. 

Final Words: We'll also publish SSC Routine 2019 on our website. If you like our post, then do not forget to like our Facebook page for latest updates and don't forget to share this post with your other friends. And advance best of luck.

Gazi TV Live Satellite Television - Gtv Live Cricket

Gazi TV Live Satellite Television - Gtv Live Cricket! Satellite Television Essay. Welcome to our website. Enjoy most powerful and popular gtv live cricket or  Gazi TV Satellite Television Essay.

This is the one of the best and an unlimited source of Essay and Paragraph. Now Studyhourbd writing section sharing the most useful Short Gazi TV Live Satellite Television Essay for you. I hope you'll like it. Education is one of our basic rights. This is a very short and easy essay for you.

Gazi TV Live Satellite Television

Gazi Tv Live Satellite television is one of the wonders of modern science. It has added a new dimension to television In Bangladesh. It is the most common and widespread source of entertainment. It is very useful for the present world. It has both educative and entertaining value. But it is a cultural assault on developing nation too. Now you can easily watch Gtv Live here.

Gazi TV Satellite Television - Essay Gtv Live Cricket

Uses: It has brought about a change in communication. We watch the latest news on Gazi television Bangladesh. It helps us to know what is happening in the farthest corner in the world. It meets up our recreational demand. We watch movies, dramas, music, dance, sports like gtv live cricket etc on television. It has educative and moral value too.

Gtv Live Cricket

It is used for distance learning. For example, Bangladesh Open University runs educative programmed on B.T.V. Informative programmed are shown on numeral channels. The Discovery Channel and the National Geographic Channel telecast informatively programmed. Television widens our knowledge. In Bangladesh, Gazi TV is the most popular sports channel.

It helps us to be acquainted with the culture of different countries. It helps us to telecast our own culture and natural scenery all over the world. Thus we can attract foreign tourists.

Some people are always looking for watch Gtv live online on the internet. Here I am sharing official broadcasting of Gazi Television. Gazi Television which is officially known as GTV is a Bengali language digital cable television channel and most popular television channel in Bangladesh.

Gtv Live - Gazi Tv Live

Gtv live cricket match is here. If you're a cricket lover and looking for watch online Gtv live, then this post is only for you. Here you can easily watch Ban vs SL vs ZIM tri-nation series with HD qualities. Gazi Tv live offers a wide variety of programming including news, movies, dramas, talk shows, sports like cricket and more. It is transmitted from its studio at Shegun Bagicha in Dhaka Bangladesh.

But it is a cause of anxiety for many. Some horror movies, obscene pictures, and cruel scenes are. shown on television. These destroy the morality of the youngsters. These make them cruel and aggressive. These scenes greatly contribute to juvenile offenses. Besides, our daily duties are neglected for it. The students are particularly harmed by it. Watching Gazi Tv or Gtv satellite television is an addiction for many. It causes serious harm to our eyesight. For satellite television, our own culture, identity, and tradition are getting the effect. It is a bad sign for an independent country.
Enjoy Gtv Live Cricket below ↷
Conclusion: In fine, we can say that Gazi Tv Live satellite television (gtv live) has a great importance. It should be used properly. Harmful programmed are should be avoided. Only constructive programmed should be enjoyed.

NU Masters 1st Year Admission Notice 2018 [Apply Now]

Hello guys, NU Masters 1st Year Admission Notice 2018 is here of the session 2013-14. After completing of 4 years of honours graduation, All candidates should need to admit on Masters first part. On 6th September National University published the honours 4th year result. Now, all passed students are waiting for Masters Admission 2018 of the session 2013-2014.

National University Masters Admission 2018-2019 to be publishing very soon. When the authority published the Masters 1st year admission notice 2018, then all honours 4th year passed students can apply through the NU website ( as well as our website. Masters Admission 2018 to be started from November 2018.

NU Masters 1st Year Admission Notice 2018

NU Masters 1st Year Admission Notice 2018 - 2019 all promoted honours 4th year students can apply and all process can be done online. Students, who are willing to apply Masters 1st Year Preliminary Admission, the should need to wait until the admission notice published.
Masters 1st Year Admission Notice 2018
Masters part1 and part2 is the two-year graduation course by National University. Every student should need to apply for masters admission 2018 every year. This course called by Masters Preliminary Admission 2018-19 also. In this article, I am discussing about this admission, requirement and how to apply.

Masters Admission 2018 National University

National University Masters Admission 2018 will be begging from November to December 2018.  All admission process completed by Online for Masters. If you don't know the full process, then don't worry. In below I am sharing the full process for apply Masters 1st year admission 2018 of the session of 2013 - 2014.

Download Masters Part1 Admission Circular 2018

Requirements for Masters 1st Year Admission

National University has needed some requirements to apply Masters Preliminary Admission 2018-19. If all students have this requirement, then they can apply for Masters 1st year. Otherwise, they can't. The requirements are:
  • Students Who Complete NU 3 Years Degree and Four Years Honors and Get Degree Certificate, They Can Apply For Masters Admission 2018 under the National University.
  • Degree Private and Degree Passed Students aren't Eligible To Apply for masters admission.

National University Masters Admission Notice 2018

National University Masters admission notice 2018 of the session 2013-14. NU masters 1st year admission test notice 2013-14 will be published within the short time on their official website. National University NU masters 1st year admission application process will start on November and it will end in December. Here is the full process of how to apply Masters 1st year admission.

Masters admission 2018 apply online

How to Apply for Masters 1st Part admission?

Many of applicant don't know how to apply for National University Masters 1st year admission. Everyone should need doing all the process online. That's why someone unable to apply all process. In below I am sharing all process for Masters Admission 2018 step by step. Just follow.
  1. Go to site or for Fill Up Application Form 
  2. Click Masters Tabs and click Apply Now Masters Preli. (At This Step you have to input Previous Year Exam Roll and Registration Number, Previous Degree/Honours Exam Passing Year. and Submit For getting Details From national University Database.
  3. Now You Will Get All Information According to Your Roll like Male or Female, Name, and Others Details. If You See Your Gender Are Wrong ( like Male insist of Female or Female Insist or Male), Then Click To Change and Give Right Option.
  4. After That Choose Your Division, Then District and Select Your College Name, you want to Admission (Select College Carefully)
  5. Upload Your Photo and Signature and Fill Up Next Step Carefully and Submit Your Application Form and Get Print Version or Download Application Form For Submit To College

NU-Login Apply Online National University Very few of the teachers teaching at honors and masters 1st year admission 2018 level have higher training. The training programme of the university is designed to augment the knowledge of the college teachers, enhance their skill in teaching and get them an exposure to higher ideas. To get the one-time password (OTP) of 2013-14 Masters admission test of any associated college, have to fixed primary admission form & confirm for admission test process.

We care for our all visitors seriously. That's why always try to give the right information for our all valuable visitors like you. Once the Master 1st Year Admission Notice 2018 will be published officially by NU authority, then we'll update it here immediately. After that you can Apply for NU Masters Admission 2018 through our website Studyhourbd.