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This is Heading 2

Introduction: Books are the greatest companions  of man. They offer all round help to man. We can get immense pleasure and knowledge from reading books. Books are  inanimate things but they can animate man's mental horizon is inevitable and significant.

Books are the source of knowledge: Books are the source of knowledge. The knowledge possessed by human beings are lasted on the pages of books. This knowledge becomes eternal on the pages. When man opens the pages, his knowledge becomes fresh. From reading books we can get the knowledge books, appear in front of man to be his best friends.

As the source of pleasure and inspiration: Books offer us immense pleasures and inspiration.These can remove our monotony and dullness. When man becomes bored, he can resort to books to get the essence of life. Books  please man in every respect. Man forgets his burdens and can suck the real  pleasures ingrained in books. Again they inspire us to do lofty things and deeds. They inspire us to be fortified against all the evil  and obnoxious thoughts. They always appear to man  with newer forms of inspiration and energy

Books increase knowledge: The reading of books increases our knowledge. They inspire us to get new and unknown knowledge. They add our knowledge thirsts. We are innovated to attain more knowledge when we read books. Man feels an urge to read books again and again when he can understand the real importance of books. Then he can not remain himself away from books. He becomes restless to read books more and more. with this advent state oh knowledge, he gets inspiration his horizon of knowledge. Thus books increase the store of human knowledge.

Broaden our mind: Man in civilized world are engrossed in reading books. The reading enlarges our opinions, feelings and judgments. It links us with the best knowledge ever possessed by men. The knowledge of our forefathers and ancestors are confined to books. When we read them we can understand what is wrong, right and justifiable. Thus the reading of books broadens our knowledge  in every respect.

Companion of life: Books are our best companions and guides. They always stand by our side, They never betray or mislead us. They remain ever fresh with knowledge to us. for this reason books are considered as the most reliable companion of man. Man's best companionship and patronage. This company of man always embellishes man without any price.

Medium of passing leisure: Books are the medium of passing our leisure time. They are our companion in loneliness and tranquility. They are the pleasure of our leisure, Man has to work a lot in his daily life.  within its amazing activities. books come to  us as great boon to refresh man in his leisure, Man retains his energy, power, strength, peace and inspiration in reading books in his leisure time, The reading of  books can balm man in his leisure and run him to his new work again.

Two main ways of reading books: The pleasure of reading books can not be described in words, They are always to help us, The question arises  how the ways of reading are. It  depends on our purpose of reading. Man reads books to do well in the exams for self-improvement and for recreation, There are two ways of reading books. Books can be read extensively or intensively, Intensive reading may make us narrow minded whereas extensive reading helps to master over a particular subject,

Conclusion: Books are our real friends. They stand beside us in our weal and woe. But we should be cautious against reading books, We should not read evil books because these may spoil our morality. We should read books in such a way that best results may spring  from this.

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