Physical Exercise,or, Utility of Physical Exercise

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Introduction: Physical exercise means the movement of all the limbs of our body. It is not possible to keep good health without proper physical exercise. Our body is like an engine. It gets animated if it is moved properly. Otherwise, it gets rusty like iron. 

Importance of physical exercise: The importance of physical exercise is immense. We need it for the preservation of our health. The movement of the limbs and organs of our body help to keep good health. It makes our body strong and fit. It helps to keep away diseases. When the organs move, there creates certain energy that strengthens our body. There is a wise saying, "A sound mind in a sound body." It means if the body is unsound the mind will be unsound. Thus. we have to keep our body fit to get peace and satisfaction. Again, physical exercise helps the circulation of our blood. It also increases our power of digestion. lt keeps our skin fresh and animated. The man who takes physical exercise regularly, feels energy and refreshment. He can enjoy life. It teaches us unity ,patience, obedience, punctuality, and discipline. ln fact, physical exercise enables us to build a sound health which is the key to success. 

Various forms of exercise: There are various forms of physical exercise such as walking , running, riding, swimming, racing. rowing, gymnastics etc. Different types of outdoor games such as football. cricket. hadu-du, hockey, tennis, dariabandha, gollachut etc are important forms of physical exercise. 

Suitability of exercise: Physical exercise is no doubt vital. But it should be taken considering age, taste, energy and manner. All can not take all forms of exercise. We have to select right form of exercise. if weak and fail people play football or cricket, they will be tired. He should take milder forms of exercise. The children and weak people can take walking or other smooth forms. Young men can play football, cricket, gymnastics etc. These can help them to get proper utilization of exercise. Again, there are people who work very hard for their livelihood. They need not take physical exercise. We should take exercise depending on our taste and energy. We should exercise till we sweat. It will act like a recipe for keeping our body active. Neglect of physical exercise: Physical exercise does us much good. But neglect of it is bad. If we neglect exercise, we will not be able to have a sound health. We will not get our fitness. Always we will be gloomy. We will be bulky and fatty. Different diseases will attack us. We will lose the stamina, energy and potentiality. Life will become burden to us. We will lose all the happiness if our health breaks down or is affected by diseases. Thus we should not neglect physical exercise. 

Effect of over-exercise: We have to be careful regarding the time and duration of physical exercise. We have to confine the duration within our power and capacity. Excessive exercise is very harmful. Sometimes it is seen that someone does not take exercise at all. But suddenly he takes exercise whimsically for a long time in a day. It harms his body. We should take exercise regularly at right time and duration. We have to remember that over exercise is injurious to health. Irregular exercise makes us weak and tired. 

Conclusion: Health is wealth. Every sort of happiness depends on it. This health can be preserved by regular exercise. It gives us a feeling of joy and cheerfulness. It also strengthens our brain. Therefore, we 
should be careful to take physical exercise regularly.
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