SSC English Suggestion 2018 & Question Pattern

SSC English Suggestion 2018 & Question Pattern8 - Hello dears, today I am coming with SSC Suggestion 2018 for English 1st paper and English 2nd Paper. I think you're aware of SSC Examination. Because The Secondary School Certificate exam will start from next year. Probably the exam starting date is 1st February 2018. You know, every subject's suggestion make your study more easy and comfortable. In this time, I am sharing SSC Suggestion 2018 English subject for all education board Bangladesh. This is totally SSC short suggestion 2018 that will be 90% common in your exam In Sha Allah. Before every exam, students are always looking for the short and common suggestion. This sharing is for those who looking for SSC short English suggestion.

SSC English Suggestion 2018

Hope guys you know that SSC Routine 2018 has been already published by Bangladesh Education Board. If you still not collected, then you must check this out. Now talking about SSC Suggestion 2018. We'll publish all subject's short suggestions by specifically. In this article, now we're sharing SSC English suggestion 2018 1st paper and English 2nd paper. Hope guys, this English suggestion for SSC Exam make your study easier and more perfect. Never wait for the question out. A good student never waits for the SSC Question out 2018. They always make their study with their institute suggestions and with other suggestion.

SSC Exam Suggestion 2018

For collecting this SSC suggestion 2018 English, we visited many high schools and collect all most common and short suggestion from experienced teachers. This SSC suggestion is compatible with all education board in Bangladesh. We made a simple list in below what education board is suitable for this SSC Suggestion 2018?
 Education Board Name First 3 Latters Suggestion Compatible
 Dhaka Board  DHA Yes
 Chittagong Boad  CHI Yes
 Comilla Board COM Yes
 Barisal Board BAR Yes
 Sylhet Board SYL Yes
 Dinajpur Board DIN Yes
 Rajshahi Board  RAJ Yes
 Jessore Board JES Yes
Madrasah Board MAD No

SSC Exam English Suggestion 2018

SSC Exam English Suggestion 2018 for first paper and second paper. This is ultimate SSC suggestion 2018 for English 1st paper and second paper. Hope this will be common for your exam. After an end of SSC Exam, more than 3 months later SSC Result 2018 will be published. You should also get your SSC result from here. Bangladesh is day by day improving in the education sector. Every year most of the students are attend on Secondary School certificate exam and passing rate is also so good. For making a good result in SSC exam 2018, I am sharing SSC exam English suggestion for you. Hope this will be helpful for your SSC examination. This is all education board SSC Exam Suggestion 2018.

SSC Suggestion 2018: English 1st Paper

Here is SSC suggestion 2018 for English 1st paper. You can note this suggestion. We sharing one by one. Please note this very carefully. After an end of first paper suggesting, then share the second paper suggestion. This is suitable for all education board in Bangladesh. So, now, let's start and collect your SSC suggestion 2018 English first paper. You may also check SSC Exam Result 2018.
 SL No  Developed Passage  Surety
01 Man can neither change.....air and deliver  100%
02 The National Memorial at Saver  100%
03 Pahela Boishakh is the bangle new year   100%
04 A Freedom Fighter  100%
05  In Case of Teaching English  100%
06 Florence Nightingale was born  100%
07  To succeed in life......feel proud of us.  100%
08  Social value......the world for the living. 
09  Severe moral......and social levels.   100%
10  Change is life.......debris of the old. 
11 Punctuality......modern world.  100%
12 In modern......of emails.
13 Newspaper......and problems. 100%
14 Happiness is......and quiet 100%
15 Facebook is......turn into the curse.
16 Friction between......son and daughter.
17 The secret of success......use of their time.
18 May 1st International....better lives.
Unseen Passage
 SL No Developed unseen Passage  Surety
01 Stephen Hawking’s......................using his computer.  100%
02 Nelson Mendela..........................lung illness.  100%
03 The great ship.............................been flooded.  100%
04 Neil A.Aramstrong.......................on August 25,2012  100%
05  Jashimuddin Gobindapur.  100%
06 Mother age of 87.  100%
07  To succeed in life........................feel proud of us.  100%
08  Abraham in Washington.  100%
09  Charles Babbage.......................October 1871.
10  Nobel prize is..........................was 40,000 dollars  100%
11 Dr. Mohammad..........................Puraskar in the pail.
Paragraph writing
1 A book fair.
2 Traffic Jam.
3 A Rickshaw puller.
4 A winter Morning.
5 Environment pollution.
6 A street hawker.
7 Tree plantation.
8 A rainy day.
9 Climate Change.
10 A School Magazine.
11 Winter morning.
12 The life of a farmer.
Re-arranging Sentence
1 Kazi Nazrul Islam
2 Musa Ibrahim
3 Dr. Alfred Nobel
4 An honest farmer and a purse of Gold
5 Shakespear
6 Robert Bruce
7 Einstein
8 Androcles
9 Marco Polo
10 Shiekh Saadi and a gang of robbers
11 Bayazid and his mother
12 Zainul Abedin
13 Sindabad
14 Nelson Mandela
15 Alexander
16 Rabindranath Thagor
17 King Midas
18 King Soloman
19 Socrate’s wife 20 Hamelion in Garmany
Full Story Writing
1 Unity is Strength
2 A Greedy Dog
3 A Thirsty Crow and a Jar
4 The cats and the Monkey
5 The Liar Cowboy
6 Two friends and a bear
7 Slow and Steady wins the race
8 A Greedy Farmer
9 Sheikh Saadi and prestige of dress
10 A fox without the tail.
11 Lion and mouse
12 An honest woodcutter.
13 Who will bell the cat?
14 What is play to one is death to others
Describing graphs or charts
1 The average temperature of the year in Bangladesh.
2 The arrival of tourists in Bangladesh.
3 the population of Bangladesh.
4 the choice of profession by differently educated people.
5 GPA-Holder in SSC Examinaiton-2014
6 Someone’s spending time on various activities.
7 The Number of Telephone and Mobile Phone”
8 the internet users
9 Literary Rate”
10 The elderly people attitude to pastimes”
11 A number of people live below the poverty line.
12 Student’s time allocation in his/her daily activities.
Informal Letter or Email
1 Benefit of reading newspaper
2 Consolation your friend for his mother’s death.
3 Thanking him for his hospitality
4 To be serious to study.
5 Intend to do after the SSC Examination
6 Congratulating him on his brilliant successes in the examination
7 Condolence at a friend’s father’s death.
8 The importance of physical exercise.
9 Annual sports day
10 Thanking him for a nice gift
Dialogue Writing
1 Preparation for coming to Examination
2 Between you and your doctor regarding your illness
3 Illiteracy problem
4 Importance of reading newspaper
5 Uses and abuses of mobile phone
6 Importance of learning English
7 Importance of tree plantation
8 Environment pollution
9 Bad effects of drug addiction
10 Importance of Computer learning

SSC Suggestion 2018 : English 2nd Paper [Part B: Composition]

Now time share SSC Suggestion 2018 for English 2nd Paper. This time we only shared Part B Composition only. In latter, we'll try to share Part A our label best. Now take this SSC English suggestion of second paper. Hope this will be common in your exam. Here is sure suggestion for your SSC Exam 2018. 
SSC English 2nd paper suggestion 2018
English is some hard subject at some students, that's why they are search sometimes short and common English suggestion for their SSC Exam. This share is only for those, who are looking for English 2nd paper Suggestion for SSC Exam. Now note this with very carefully.
CV with Cover Letter
1 For lecturer in English.
2 For a probationary officer in Bank.
3 For Assistant Teacher English.
4 For a computer operator.
5 For a field officer.
6 For an Assistant marketing Manager.
Formal Letter or Email
1 Study Tour/Excursion.
2 sinking a deep tube well.
3 Testimonial.
4 Setting up a computer club.
5 Relief goods and Medical Aids.
6 Setting up a debating club.
7 Common room facilities.
8 seat in the hostel.
9 Setting up a canteen.
10 Library facilities.
Paragraph Writing
1 A book fair
2 Road Accident
3 A school Magazine
4 Traffic Jam
5 A Rainy Day
6 Tree Plantation
7 National Flag
8 A Moonlit Night
9 A School Library
10 Deforestation
Composition Writing
1 Wonder of modern Science
2 Population Problem in Bangladesh
3 Your Childhood Memories
4 Your visit to a historical place
5 Newspaper
6 Uses of computer in Bangladesh
7 The Importance of Trees.
8 A Journey You have made
9 The Season you like most
10 Your Aim in Life

That's it, guys. Hope you got helped by this SSC suggestion 2018 for English Subject. If you have any questions about this SSC exam suggestion, then feel free to do a comment on the comment section. We'll try our label best for reply your comments. This suggestion collected from and this is made by Md. Mamunur Rashid, assistant English teacher. We also publish SSC Routine 2018 on our page, when the result publishes by officially.

SSC Exam 2018 All Subjects Model Question

Say no to SSC Question out 2018

Naver waits for the SSC question out 2018. It's not perfect for a student. A good student never waits for question out of SSC Examination. If you follow above SSC Suggestion, I hope it will be common in you SSC Exam 2018. Question out is always risky for any students. Because it's not real. Sometimes it will be fake also. So dears, say no to SSC Question out 2018. Check PSC Result 2017.

If you think, this SSC Exam Suggestion 2018 is helpful for you, then do not forget to share this post with your others friends and on your social media. Thank you.
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