A Village Doctor Essay

A Village Doctor Essay Introduction: A village doctor is a man who treats the patients in the village. He is a familiar figure. His work is very important.
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A Village Doctor Essay

A Village Doctor Essay

Introduction: A village doctor is a man who treats the patients in the village. He is a familiar figure. His work is very important. The village people consult with him for their disease-related causes.

His qualification: A village doctor is either S.S.C or H.S.C. After this, he completes LMAFP or other medical training. Sometimes he has to work under a qualified doctor for a few years. He also gets training under him. Sometimes he takes part in training programmed organized either by the government or by the NGOs. In fact, a village doctor may be qualified or a quack.

His dispensary: the dispensary of the village doctor is either in his parlor and a room at the village market. His dispensary is not in rich condition. It has a table, a chair, one or two Almira with a few vials of medicine and one or two benches for the patients. Sometimes he keeps daily newspapers in his chamber.

His daily work: A village doctor does a great job for the villagers. His daily work starts early in the morning. After rising early, he goes to his dispensary. There he treats the patients. He goes to the house of the patients where he is called in. When he goes to the house of the patients, he uses his bicycle with a bag with him.

His treatment method: A village doctor treats the patients very cordially. He talks with them earnestly. He gives a kind hearing to the sick people. He uses his small medical equipment for treating the patients. He examines the belly and the tongue of the patients. A village doctor does not charge high from the patients. He takes what patients give him.

His services: A village doctor does a great service. He is a very active man. He works all day. He takes great care of the patients. He finds out the problems of the patients and prescribes them. Sometimes he sells medicines to the patients. He keeps sitting for hours together by side of the patients. His main object is to cure the diseases of the patients. In serious cases or wherever he fails, he advises the patients to consult with the qualified doctors. Sometimes he himself takes the patients to the doctors in town clinics. For this, he does not charge more.

His importance: A village doctor has higher importance. He serves the village people. The village people get consolation from him. He leads them to the path of recovery. The villagers depend on him. He is the ray of hope for the villagers. The poor villagers think of him as their own. He also values their wishes. His knowledge may be poor but his importance is very great. He has a high sense of responsibility. He is sympathetic to the patients.

His position in the society: A village doctor has a better social position. All the villagers with him. They have to come to him. He gets respect from the villagers. His financial condition may not be high, but he holds a great position among the villagers.

Conclusion: A village doctor is a friend to the villagers. He may not have a greater qualification but village people depend much on him. The village people love and honor him much. We should be careful to a village doctor.
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