Mass Education - Essay

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Mass Education - Essay

Mass Education Essay

Introduction: education is the back-bone of a nation. No nation can make progress without it. Thus to get development, every citizen of a nation should learn education. Mass education programme should be innovated to spread the light of education among everyone.

Importance of education: Education is the light. It dispels the ignorance of anything Education enlightens our life and refines our sensibilities. It helps us to differentiate between right and wrong. It is a catalyst that leads us to the better. It helps to create brotherly feelings and universal relations. Thus the education should be learned by everyone.

What is mass education?: Mass education means education of the illiterate mass of our country. This aims at imparting knowledge of letters to the illiterate with a view to enabling them to read, write and to do some arithmetic. This mass education makes people know what is right and what is wrong and make them conscious of their eights and wrongs.

Importance of mass education: The importance of mass education in our country is very high. Most of our people are illiterate. They do not know how to read and write. They do not know how to cultivate their land  through scientific methods. They do not have the knowledge of health and sanitation. They do not know the ways of population control and child bearing. Thus the importance of mass education is vital in our country. If our people have primary knowledge about the smooth way of living, they will be able to get the better  state of life. Not only that, an educated man is an asset to the country. They can take part in the development activities. It will make the people good citizens. Thus literacy campaign is   very necessary in our country.

Ways for this education: The citizens of a country should be turned into manpower. They should become potential and resourceful.there should be many ways to make this programme successful. The government, as well as the private organization, should come forward to implement the programme. Everyone should work in a joint collaboration.

Overall education programme: To make the mass education programme successful, necessary education centers should be set up . Education programme should be run up in existing schools, mosques, clubs, yards  and other suitable places. Night school and female can learn. Free books, khatas and other education equipments should be distributed among the poor illiterate people.The education people or students should be involved here to teach the aged learners. The female folk should be motivated more and more.  They are our large part. They must be brought under this programme. Free education for ladies should be started up to degree class.

Duties of the public:  To remove illiteracy from the country, the co-operation of everyone is essential without the help of the citizens, this type of programmes will not be possible. The people should be motivated in this case. If the inhabitants take part in a large scale. this programme will become successful. It is a matter of great pleasure that our government has taken intensive steps to spread the light of education among our citizens. It is definitely a sing of good taste of everyone.

Conclusion: Mass education programme is a real step to remove illiteracy from the country. Both the government and the pubic should come forward to make this programme successful. If this can be done, our population will get rid of the curse of ignorance. They will be able to lead an easy and comfortable life.