Misuse of Gas - Essay

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Misuse of Gas Essay

Misuse of Gas Essay

Introduction: Bangladesh is a small country with growing problems. Among all problems, misuse of gas is a great one. Development is impossible without gas. In other words, gas and development do side by side. But this gas is misused in many ways. The misuse is going from bad to worse. All are getting concerned about this problem.

Misuse: Many causes are responsible for the misuse. In the most house, housewives keep their burners on. They think it better than wasting match-sticks next. They do not have a grain of sense about the natural wealth. To them, a match-sticks is more valuable. They do not know how much harm they are doing to the country. Some keep their burners on fear of load-shedding. Illegal use is another cause Of hotels in the country. Some keep their burners on|in fear of load shedding. Illegal use is another cause. In hotels and restaurant, it is misused. In big cities, many use gas to dry their clothes. In these ways, our valuable asset is misused

Effects: The effects of the misuse are many. For misuse of gas, its shortage is increasing. For misuse, many people are not getting the chance to use it. The vehicles do not get enough gas. so our communication system may fall into a problem. Some power station produces power with the help of gas. This station will also fall in problem. The whole country will be in darkness. The gas driven mills and factories will stop. The production will be decreased. Thus the overall development of the country will slow down.

The way of Solution-Immediate steps should be taken to stop the misuse. At first, we have to be more conscious. Public awareness is a must. The illegal users must be punished. Law should be introduced to stop misuse. The vigilant watch is needed on mills and factories.

Conclusion: In fine, we can say that misuse of gas is a great problem. Only the proper use of gas can ensure the overall development of the country. So it should be solved at any cost. It is high time we solved the problem. Conscious people should work together with the government in this regard. Otherwise, we all fall into a greater danger.