Tree Plantation Essay

Tree Plantation Essay

Tree Plantation Essay

Introduction: Tree plantation means the planting of trees. It is very essential to sustain our life on earth. Trees and forests are linked with us. To plant trees is to make our life smooth and danger free.

Necessity of Trees: Trees exert immense importance on us. They give us oxygen. They absolve the poisonous carbon dioxide which is dangerous for our existence. Trees help to prevent drought, cyclone, flood and other natural calamities. They provide us with wood and fuel. They give us shelter and we get fruits, flowers, and materials for industry. Thus, the importance of trees cannot be described in words.

Forest resource in Bangladesh: Ours is a lower riparian country. Here plants can grow. But our forest resource is not sufficient. To keep balance in nature a country needs 25%forest lands of its total area. But our total forest land is 16% of our area. It is below that standard. The Sundarbans is our rainforest. There is also the forest of Bhawal, Madhupur, Chittagong Hill Tracts etc. Sundari, Garan and Ghewa etc are our prominent wood of forest.

Bad effects of cutting trees: Trees are our important resource. We have to keep these for our own sake. The cutting of trees ha dire consequence. This will turn our country into a desert. The cutting of trees will bring natural disasters. It will damage the dynamic balance of our environment. Flood, cyclone and other natural disasters will happen if there are deaths of forests. The cutting of trees will increase the world temperature. It will create the greenhouse effect. The lower southern parts of the country will go underwater when the temperature will increase as a result of cutting the trees. Thus, destruction of trees must be stopped and we have to plant trees more and more.

Tree plantation programs: As trees help to live us in this world, we have to take care of it. We also have to plant trees. Ti will help to make our life danger-free and comfortable. Trees embellish our life. Realizing the importance of trees, our government and social organizations have taken elaborate steps to plant trees. Every year people are being motivated to plant trees. The department of forestry is distributing the small plants to our people. The citizens also personally take steps to plant trees.

Its importance: Tree plantation programs have immense importance. We should not depend on nature for natural plantation. Rather we have to plant these willingly. The plantation of trees means the easiness and danger-free.existence for us. We should not plant trees for their sake but we will work for our own sake. The plantation of trees will keep our lives free from different disasters. Thus tree plantation means our smooth existence.

Proper time for it: Trees are our most valuable wealth. June-July is the best time for planting trees. The government should come for forwarding to distribute plants to its citizens. The government should take steps to plant trees deliberately by its machinery. We have enough followed lands where we can plant trees. By the side of the roads, we can also plant trees. Not only that, besides our homestead, tree plantation can be possible. Nowadays this program can be continued throughout the year. In this case, illiterate people can be properly motivated to do this.

Conclusion: The importance of trees on human life is manifold. Our main source of existence comes from trees. That is, we will not cut trees rather we will plant it more and more. We have to realize that trees mean our interest. So it is our moral duty to plant trees.