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National University Bangladesh | Are you looking for all the news, notice, result and admission detail Bangladesh National University (NU) 2019? Then you have come to just the right place
Bangladesh National University all notice and news. Are you looking for all the news, notice, result and admission detail Bangladesh National University (NU) 2019? Then you have come to just the right place. We provide all the necessary information about Bangladesh National University 2019.

National University Bangladesh

Bangladesh National University is now offering 1st year honors admission by the merit list. However, they mainly provide masters and degree session also. Bangladesh National University has four academic units. Such as,
  • School of undergraduate studies.
  • Centre for postgraduate education, training, and research.
  • Centre for curriculum development and evaluation.
  • Institute of post-graduate studies.

    About Bangladesh National University |

    National University was established in 19992 by an Act of Parliament as an affiliating University of Bangladesh. This headquarters of the University is situated in Board bazaar, Gazipur nearby Dhaka central city.

    Through the affiliated college and other professional institutes, NU impact graduate and post-graduate level education to the students from all over the country. In the world enrollment, Bangladesh National University (NU) is the second largest university for graduate and post graduate program. National University
    In our country, there are very few teachers have higher training on teachings at honors and masters level. That is the reason the training program of national university 2019 is designed to augment the knowledge of college and university teacher. To enhance their skill in teaching and make them lead them to the way of building a future of students of the country. In these academic programs, the scholars and eminent educationist of Bangladesh are associated with National University 2019.

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    Academic departments: The academic departments of Bangladesh national university are
    • Faculty of Science
    • Faculty of Business Studies
    • Faculty of Arts
    • Faculty of Engineering (Professionals)
    • Faculty of Technology (Professionals)

    All these faculties come into these departments. Including,

    1. Faculty of Science
    2. Department of Computer Science
    3. Department of Botany.
    4. Department of Zoology.
    5. Department of Chemistry.
    6. Department of Physics.
    7. Department of Mathematics.
    8. Department of Statistics.
    9. Faculty of Business Studies
    10. Department of Accounting
    11. Department of BBA (Professional).
    12. Department of Management.
    13. Department of Finance.
    14. Department of Marketing.
    15. Faculty of Arts
    16. Department of Bengali.
    17. Department of English.
    18. Department of History.
    19. Department of Political Science.
    20. Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies.
    21. Department of Pali and Sanskrit.
    22. Faculty of Engineering (Professionals)
    23. of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE).
    24. of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE).
    25. Faculty of Technology (Professionals)
    26. Department of Fashion Design and Technology (FDT).
    27. Department of Apparel Manufacture and Technology (AMT).
    28. Department of Knitwear Manufacture & Technology (KMT).
    29. Faculty of Social Science
    30. Department of Law.
    31. Department of Sociology.
    32. Department of Economics.
    33. Department of Geography.
    34. Department of Social Work.
    35. Department of Psychology.
    36. Department of Political Science.
    The National University it an affiliating university also with a postgraduate teaching and research university. The institute is public and run by the state. The NU has its’ school and center. However, this established institute provides courses leading to M.phil and Ph.D. degrees as well as other degree, honors, and masters program.

    The new addition of national university 2019

    There are four more new institutions are about to complete all the necessary formalities toward their constitutions. And very soon the will provide higher courses related to these departments. Including, Science, Needs of life, National heritage.
     NU Result Archive

    The name of these four new institutes is given below.
    1. The Institute of Liberation and Bangladesh Studies (ILBS)
    2. Institutes of National Science (INS)
    3. Institute of Life Sciences (ILS)
    4. Institute of Business and Management Studies (IBMS)
    After three years of establishing National University, it offers 2-year M.Phill. In the Institute of Humanities and Social Science (IHS) by following the latest American credit hours and semester system. This credit hours system includes coursework, two months of internship and in final a thesis work under a guidance of a supervisor of that department.

    Besides the student who wants to complete their Ph.D. courses can participate in the M.phil degree course of this institute.  The M.phil degree courses are an interdisciplinary degree which is intensive enough to pursue this program. However, the course is open for faculty members who are employed at college or universities.

    The name list of affiliated colleges/ universities

    Around 2254 affiliated colleges and universities are providing honors, master and degree program under national university’s curriculum. There are some names of the prominent universities and colleges of national university 2019 are given below.

      The academic work of national university 2019

      Bangladesh national university 2019 exercise all the academic control over all it affiliated colleges according to the National University Act 1992.  This act mandated by the statutes of the University and the National Parliament of Bangladesh. The institute provides following things like,
      • The subject and course curricula and syllabus
      • Arrange admission test
      • Provide a guideline for admission
      • Arranges inspection
      • Holds examination
      • Publishes results
      • Awards certificates etc.
      Consensus on the ideology of Bangladesh, national university ( is standardized and modernized it all the syllabus and curriculum. The new curriculum and syllabus will come into effect from next academic year.

      The university has more the 2000 component colleges to run all these education programs. Completing the Pass, honors and master’s degrees these colleges follow all the rules and regulation of national university. The national university 2019 has full academic control of these programs.

      The facility of re-examining or challenge results

      Like the other universities, the national university does offer a re-examination on the behalf a student’s result challenge action. Every year many students want to re-examine their answer sheet because of unexpected result grade. If you are too on the list, you can go through some simple process and ask for examining the answer sheet again. With the manual process, an applicant can submit the result challenge application through online at this web address:

      The process of Result Challenge Application Online

      Application Fee: BDT 800 TK for Every Paper. At first, you have to go to and click the service menu. Then click the Sonali Sheba payslip, then Student fee and finally the Recruiting Fee. In ‘Recruiting Fee’ option, you will get an option to download name Pay Slip. In the ‘Payslip’ the saving account, no 0218 100 000 135 and the application fees are set before.

      Just print the copy and deposit the print copy in Sonali Bank Sheba shakha nearby your area. The Bank will give a receipt in return for the ‘Payslip.’ Usually, National University 2019 publishes the date of result challenge option after 1 or 2 months of result releasing. However, they mention the last date for submitting “result challenge application” so complete the process in due date, though. For all the new and updating notice about “result challenge application” keep an eye on our upcoming posts.

      Conclusion: Currently, the national university of Bangladesh is the 5th largest university in the world. After its 17 years of glorious history by its number of registered students (around 2,097,182, in the present) at its 2254 affiliated colleges. The Bangladesh national university also becomes the largest institute in the world due to the number of expanding subjects and courses.
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