16th NTRCA Exam Date 2019 Published

16th NTRCA Exam Date 2019 Published. NTRCA is for Non-Government Teachers Registration and Certification Authority. The 16th NTRCA Date is published. It operated under the Ministry of Education. The institute provides job to quality and skilled teacher. For that, everybody should pass the exam.

    The exam obtains 100 marks. The examination takes in two categories. School-level and college level. 16th NTRCA Date 2019 will be notified through SMS. The exam circular announced on 28 November 2018. Also, read 16th NTRCA Admit Card Download 2019.

    16th NTRCA Exam Date 2019

    The date will be on 30th August 2019. 16th NTRCA exam will be held on 30th August 2019 (preliminary test) and written exam will be held on last week of September 2019. In NTRCA examination, you must be skilled in Bangla, English, Mathematics and General knowledge. Each question obtains 1 mark. Now, follow the memorization tips for NTRCA exam.

    16th NTRCA Exam Date 2019

    Repeat out loud what you are reading

    Many of us, when we try to memorize something, we do it by repeating it over and over again in our mind; but we never pronounce it high. Repeating what you want to learn out loud while you read it is a better strategy to achieve it. You may find 16th NTRCA Date here.

    Why? In that way, our brain will be externalizing our thoughts. It will give them a form of words. So, it will be much easier to remember because it will be turning them into something more real. This method will make the knowledge better recorded in your brain because it will receive them in two ways: the visual (while reading what you want to memorize) and the auditory.

    16th NTRCA Date 2019

    NTRCA authority not published exam date yet. Once the date published, then you may find it here. Here are some useful tricks for doing better result on 16th NTRCA exam 2018. Record everything you want to memorize. Have you listened to it all the time on the radio, in a store, on the bus? However horrible it may seem, in the end, you end up remembering parts of its lyrics? Now collect 16th NTRCA Date 2019 of the academic year 2019 from below.
    • Preliminary Test: 30th August 2019 (Friday)
    • Written Exam: Last week of September 2019
    16th NTRCA Exam Date 2019 Download
      You can do the same to memorize something that you should learn quickly and that is costing you to achieve it. Take those lessons you need to remember, summarize them if necessary, and record them with your own voice on a tape or on your own cell phone.

      16th ntrca syllabus 2019

      If you are taking an online course to learn how to start your business, and the lessons are accompanied by explanatory videos, download them and play them over and over again. You can listen to these audios or videos anywhere: while you are eating, on the bus or in the car, at night relaxed when you are lying in your bed.

      It does not matter if you are listening carefully or not: in your brain, all the important information will be recorded thanks to the constant repetition.
      Write everything you need to memorize

      NTRCA Exam Subject & Marks Distribution

      • Total Marks: 100.
      • Bangla: Marks-25
      • English: Marks-25
      • Math: Marks-25
      • General Knowledge: Marks-25
      Before you start remembering everything you need from memory, write and rewrite all the information on a piece of paper.

      It is proven that writing by hand (instead of on a computer, for example) helps our brain to fix the data better.

      Final thought,

      16th NTRCA Exam Date 2019 for the preliminary test will be 30th August, Friday, 2019. You will get an SMS from authority. The techniques will also help you to be more familiar with what you are trying to remember. You will memorize everything in a fast way and answer for the NTRCA examination.
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