HSC English Suggestion 2019 [100% Common A+]

HSC exam 2019 is knocking the door. HSC English Suggestion 2019 for all education board is here for you. I know, you’re doing hard work to make a good result in your exam. In this post shared HSC English 1st paper suggestion 2019 and 2nd paper for All education board. If you are waiting for HSC English Question out 2019, it may harmful for your exam.

Previous some days, we had shared another post about HSC Suggestion 2019 for all education board. Try this article HSC English 1st paper suggestion if you looking for other Bangladesh Education board suggestion. We just shared an English 1st paper suggestion for HSC Exam 2019. But in this post, we’ll share English 1st paper and English 2nd paper suggestion for only All education Board.

HSC English Suggestion 2019

Recently published HSC Routine 2019 by Dhaka education board. According to this routine, HSC Exam to be starting from 4th April 2019. There is not enough time for preparation. We hope that this HSC English Suggestion 2019 may help you. A hard study can change your result. So dear students, do hard work and make your Higher School Certificate (HSC) result well. Remember one thing, never collect any HSC English Question paper 2019 from the internet or from any person. It couldn't healthy for your exam.
HSC English Suggestion 2019

That’s why in this post we share with you HSC English 1st paper and HSC English 2nd  paper suggestion 2019. If you do not download HSC Routine or Alim Routine 2019 then download now that was officially published by educationboard.gov.bd.

HSC Suggestion 2019 English

HSC Suggestion 2019 English for All education board. Here is complete English 1st paper and English 2nd paper HSC exam suggestion for All education board. If you’re an HSC Examine of All education Education board All educationboard.gov.bd then here is full and sure English suggestion for your exam. Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, All education HSC exam will start from 4th April 2019. So, you have to need a hard study. For making your study easily we share with you some sure suggestion for the HSC exam. Hope this suggestion make your study easier. You should also find your HSC Result 2019 from our website.

HSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2019

In below share step by step HSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2019. Note this from our website. We hope that this suggestion will be common in your examination. Again note that, This suggestion for All education Education Board.
Seen, Unseen, Summaries (comprehensive)
1. Diaspora....
2. Conflict....
3. kuakata....
4. Name amerigo....
5. Folk music....
6. Hercules was son....
7. .......... is easy
8. Shilpi....
9. According to...
10. A craft work....
Paragraph writing:
1. Etiquette and manners
2. Climate change
3. Diaspora
4. Folk music
5. Food adulteration
6. Human right
7. An Ideal Student
1. I will arise
2. Fair daffodils
3. Hold first dream
4. Blow blow
5. Under the green wood
6. Died for Beauty
1. Internet user in Bangladesh
2. Students daily activity
3. Population growth in Bangladesh
4. Literacy rate of Bangladesh in different year
5. Primary school in town
6. Profession by educated people all people dream
7. Gradual rate of the Internet user
  • 1. A king had 3 son/ 3 daughter
  • 2. woodcutter
  • 3. A hare and tortoise
  • 4. A thirsty crow
  • 5. a greedy dog
  • 6. Two friends and a bear.
  • 7. Look before you leap (Farmer and his goose).
  • 1. preparation of HSC examination
  • 2. picnic
  • 3. marriage ceremony
  • 4. Admission procedure
  • 5. To return the books
  • 6. negative effect of drug addiction
1. Consoling him to his Father died
2. Bad effect of smoking
HSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2019 PDF Download

HSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion 2019

English 2nd paper is another hard subject for HSC examine. This is also the 100 marks exam. Don't worry. In below HSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion 2019 shared for all education board Bangladesh. If you study with this suggestion, hope you will find 100% common question in your HSC exam hall.

HSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion 2019 PDF Download

HSC English Question Paper Out? 

No. This is absolutely false news. Education Minister Dr. Dipu mone take a hard step against HSC English Question Out 2019. Our advice is, never wait for any subject question paper out. It wouldn't be healthy for your HSC Exam. Alway be transferred.

A good quality suggestion can be helpful for you in your exam hall. In this article we shared upcoming HSC English Suggestion for both 1st and 2nd paper. If you properly memorise these suggestion, hope you may archeive A+ mark in your HSC exam.

Final words: We collected HSC English Suggestion 2019 from some quality high school. All are came on their model test exam. HSC English 1st Paper and HSC English 2nd paper Suggestion 2019 both are shared above. If you need any other subject suggestion, then you may leave a comment.
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