15th NTRCA Preliminary MCQ Exam Result 2019 - NTRCA Result 2019

15th NTRCA Preliminary MCQ Exam Result 2019 is here. Non Government Teachers Registration and Certification Authority 15th NTRCA Exam Result 2019 has been published officially. 15th NTRCA Exam will happen in April 2019. Candidates are notified by SMS. Teachers are submitting their application for registration.

Applicants can participate in Exam after approval of registration. After the exam, the result date will be announced in July 2019. The MCQ and Written result will be published in October 2019.

15th NTRCA Preliminary MCQ Exam Result 2019

15th NTRCA Exam will be held on three stages MCQ, written and viva exams. To make a good result and elected in the exam you need to follow the tips. Let’s dive in it. Check 15th NTRCA Preliminary MCQ Exam Result 2019 from this page.

You may think that this step is the same as the one in point 1, but it has a big difference. In the previous one, you must repeat the information that you want to memorize while reading that data. But here it is about repeating that information without looking at your notes; that is, doing it from memory.

Each line of text repeat it while you read it, and then try to remember it without looking at the paper or book where it was written. This will keep all your knowledge fixed in your memory. But never go to the next information section until you have memorized the current one.

Teach someone or yourself

Do you remember that in the pyramid of learning, 90% of what was learned was through teaching others? I used this method at the university, and it did not fail me even once.

15th NTRCA Exam Result 2019 Download

You can do it in several different ways, such as reading the information that you should memorize someone who sits in front of you , and then explain what you just read according to your own words. Even if you do not have anyone or you are a bit embarrassed, stand in front of a mirror alone and practice.

15th NTRCA Result 2019

15th NTRCA Result 2019

Check your 15th NTRCA Result 2019 officially: http://ntrca.teletalk.com.bd/admitcard/index.php

In this page you can learn how to download 15th NTRCA Preliminary MCQ Exam Result 2019 with full marksheet. This result has been published today officially by NTRCA Authority. Check your NTRCA Result 2019 now. It is a fantastic idea to do it with someone and ask them something that has not been clear to them or they have not understood, because this way you will have to pull your memory and answer their doubts.

Practice what you learn

If you want to memorize quickly what you are going to learn, the best way is to practice it or talk to other people who know about it. For example, if you are trying to learn to play an instrument. You want to memorize the chords, when you have taken the steps above, start practicing.

If what you want is to speak a new language, look for native speakers with whom you can chat in that language and let go little by little. You can also register in discussion forums or threads where you talk about a specific topic you want to learn about and ask questions, give your opinion, etc. This way your brain will get deeper into that knowledge and retain it in your memory.

Final thought, At October 2019, 15th NTRCA Preliminary MCQ Exam Result 2019 will be published. The month is not fixed. Authority can change the date according to the situation. After getting SMS, we become sure about the date and time.
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