SSC Result 2020 Pre Registration Method (৩১শে মে ২০২০ প্রকাশ)

SSC Result 2020 Pre Registration Method For All Boards with Marksheets. The secondary school certificate SSC Result 2020 will be published on the 31st of May 2020. Here I will say all the information about the SSC exam result 2020. So, if you are looking for the SSC result, please stay here. SSC Result 2020 will be published. the program will start at 9 AM. At first, our honorable Education and prime minister take their valuable speech.

    After that our honorable prime minister Sheik Hasina collect the result summary from all education board chairmen. Then She announces the passing percentage and the number of GPA 5 holders. After that our education minister announces the result summary for every single board.

    Bangladesh SSC Result 2020 All Education Board

    Find Bangladesh SSC Result 2020 All Education Board. SSC is the most valuable exam in Student life. SSC result plays an important role in public university admission tests. Even, after completing academic education, it is crucial for Job career. That's why students and also their parents are worried about the exam result. I will say to them, don't worry. Here in this post, I will describe all the information about the SSC exam for every individual board.

    SSC Result 2020

    SSC Result 2020 প্রি-রেজিঃ পদ্ধতি

    SSC and equivalent examination results may be checked from your mobile phones by pre-registration and SMS push pull. Once the result is published by the Board, the result may be checked through SMS.

    SSC Result Pre Registration Method:

    A pre-result registration feature is available this year as no result sheet will be delivered to respective schools. Students are entitled to register before result publication through SMS [SSC<space>1st 3 letters of Board<space>Roll Number<space>Year to 16222] and the result will be delivering instantly after official publication.
    Standard SMS charge will be BDT 2.55/SMS (including all)

    Regular Push-Pull SMS:

    Regular push-pull SMS service is there like every year [SSC<space>1st 3 letters of Board<space>Roll Number<space>Year to 16222] which is with as is tech and commercial modality.
    Standard SMS charge will be BDT 2.55/SMS (including all)
    Note: The pre-result registration process will end before 24 hours of result publication time.

    SSC Result 2020 published date

    SSC is the final board exam in School life. Find out SSC Result 2020 published date. Every year more than 20 lakh students participate SSC exam under ten educational boards. This year a total of 16,35,240 students attends the SSC exam under eight general education boards. On the other hand, a total of 2,81,254 students are participating in the exam under Madrasha and Vocational board.

    Bangladesh education board Authority taking their exam via 3,512 Exam Centres. Usually, the SSC result 2020 will publish within 55 days after the last days of the exam. This year, the SSC exam started on 2 February and finished this exam on 26 February. According to this system, we expected that the SSC Result 2020 will be published on 6th May 2020.
    Host Education Board of Bangladesh
    Name of the Exam Secondary School Certificate (SSC)
    Exam Dates 3rd February 2020 to 27th February 2020
    SSC Result 2020 Publish Date 31st May 2020
    Total Candidates 16,35,240
    Total Exam Centres

    SSC Result 2020 Kobe dibe?

    SSC Result 2020 Kobe dibe this is the most wanted question right now. SSC Result 2020 publish date has been postponed. Every SSC candidates are waiting for their result of 2020. Don't worry. Education Ministry said, This year's SSC Result will be published after the end of May 2020.

    You can find and check all the latest updates and news about SSC Result 2020. If you're an SSC candidate and looking for your result, then you can follow this post every day for the latest update.

    How to Check my SSC exam result 2020?

    Students can check their SSC exam result 2020 Via three methods. That is Mobile SMS, Mobile Apps, and online. You got a different kind of advantage for each method. Three alternative methods and all processes are given below. All types of methods are very simple and easy to work. Just choose one of them, then follow the instructions properly.

    How to check SSC result from Mobile Apps

    After publishing the SSC result 2020, anyone will be able to check results from Android phones. It is one of the buffer-free ways. At first, you need a smartphone and internet connection. Then follow my instructions below;
    • Go to play store and download "BD Result Apps" (Powered By Teletalk ).
    • Select the education board.
    • Type Roll number.
    • Type registration number.
    • Now type captcha code correctly.
    • Click the submit button.

    Check SSC Result by Mobile SMS

    This is the easiest way to check SSC Result 2020 by Mobile SMS. Mobile SMS is one of the most popular and simple ways of collecting SSC results. You will get your CGPA without any internet connection. It's beneficial to our rural area's students. It's method also helped when the official website can't work.
    SSC Result 2020 by Mobile SMS
    SSC Result 2020 by SMS
    But the main problem is you cannot get your full SSC mark sheet by applying this method. You can check this result by using any SIM. The process is given below.
    • At first, Go to your phone SMS option.
    • Type 'SSC'
    • Then press <Space> and type your roll number.
    • Then type exam year.
    • Therefore, sent to 16222.
    Note: You must have to need sufficient balance on your fund. It is 2.50+ Taka charge applicable.

    Find SSC Exam Result 2020 Online

    Now I will discuss most uses a way of collecting any kind of result. You can check, download, and print your result with a full mark sheet by using this method. After publishing the result, you will get it by using the instructions below.

    At first, Go to Bangladesh Education Board official website.
    • Choose on “SSC/HSC/JSC/Equivalent Result"
    • Select your exam year.
    • Select your education board.
    • Give your roll number.
    • Put your registration number.
    • Type the security captcha.
    • Finally, click on the submit button.
    SSC Exam result 2020 Online
    I hope you get your result with a full mark sheet by following the above instructions. If You want to download your result page, press the 'CTRL S' on your keyboard. If you're going to print out your mark sheet, found the 'Print' option above the mark sheet or Press the 'CTRL P.' Then select the image size and click on the print button.

    BD SSC Result with full mark sheet

    Free download SSC Result 2020 with a full mark sheet. A lot of students try to found their full mark sheet online or other methods. But online is the best method for collecting SSC mark sheets. Anyway, you found your full SSC number sheet on the Bangladesh education board official website and also our website. If you follow above my instruction correctly, you will get your SSC mark sheet quickly.

    SSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board

    Check SSC Result 2020 Dhaka board easily here. Dhaka board is one of the largest education board in Bangladesh. Every year a huge number of SSC candidates participate SSC exam under Dhaka Board. This year's total of 549,511 candidates attends the SSC exam under the Dhaka Education Board. After publishing the result, a lot of Dhaka board's students try to collect their results on the Bangladesh education board's official website.

    As a result, they have faced a lot of problems and spend huge time to collect their result. On the other hand, they could try to collect their result on the Dhaka board official website ( All process some as the Online method. It’s one of the easiest and the best alternative for Dhaka board's students. You will check it also SMS method from the above instructions. Dhaka Board SSC result on the SMS method is given below.
    SSC <Space>DHA <space> Roll number <Space exam Year>
    For example, SSC DHA 54147217 2020

    Barisal Board SSC exam Result 2020

    The Barisal education board started its journey in 1990. Its established central position on Barisal District. Every Year a huge number of students attend the SSC exam under the Barisal Education Board. This year total of 107,834 Students attends the SSC exam under this board. But they are also tried to collecting results on the official Bangladesh education board.

    I suggest them, use the alternative method. Barisal education boards' official website ( is one of the best ways for Barisal's students. If anyone wants to collect his/her result by using mobile SMS, follow my instructions below.
    SSC <Space>BAR <space> Roll number <Space exam Year>
    For example: SSC BAR 7487411 2020

    Rajshahi Board SSC Exam Result

    Rajshahi board officially started its work in 1961. after that, their students increase day by day. Now more than 500 government and non-government education institutes participate in JSC, SSC, HSC exams under this. This year, 204,586 students give their exams under the Rajshahi Education board.

    If you interest to check your result without facing any trouble. Rajshahi Board official website ( one of the best alternative ways. You can check your result with a full mark sheet by using the official website. You also check your CGPA by using Mobile SMS. The method is given below.
    SSC <Space>RAJ <space> Roll number <Space exam Year>
    For example: SSC RAJ 6746533 2020

    Comilla Board SSC Exam Result

    Comilla board was established in 1962. Now under the Comilla board total of five districts. Now Professor Md Abdus Salam works in the Comilla board as a board chairman. This year total of 193,884 students attends the SSC exam under the Comilla Education Board. As a result, they also worried about their SSC exam result.

    Comilla Board's official website ( is the best easiest option for collecting their result. That's why they don't need to worried about the exam result. They also check their result via mobile SMS. Method and examples are given below.
    SSC <Space>COM<space> Roll number <Space exam Year>
    Example: SSC COM 7973541 2020

    SSC Result on Jessore Board 2020

    Jessore education board also a part of the Bangladesh education board. Every year a massive number of students attend SSC and HSC under the Jessore education board. This year More than 184,290 candidates participate SSC exam under this board. After announcing the result, Jessore education board's student collects it from Bangladesh education Board official website and also the Jessore board official website.

    Jessore education board official website ( is the best option for their students. Because they can get their result without any kind of hazard. They also can check their result via the SMS method from given instructions.
    SSC <Space>JES<space> Roll number <Space exam Year>
    For example, SSC JES 9037841 2020

    SSC Result 2020 Chittagong Board

    After Dhaka, Chittagong is the second important city in Bangladesh. Check SSC Result 2020 Chittagong Board. As an economic city, a lot of people live there. That's why a vast number of SSC candidates participate SSC exam under the Chittagong board. This year a total of 184,290 students attend the exam under the Chittagong education board.

    Their student collects their SSC result online via Bangladesh educations board and also their own official board website ( For checking the Chittagong board official website, all processes are the same as the above online method. You may also check your result by mobile SMS from the following instructions below.
    SSC <Space>JES<space> Roll number <Space exam Year>
    Example: SSC CHI 9889521 2020

    SSC Result Sylhet Education Board

    For getting the Sylhet education board SSC result, Students may apply a different kind of way. But the best option is the official website ( of the Sylhet board. The student can collect their result without putting their registration number. This year 1 lakh student participate SSC exam under this board. The examinee can able to check their result on the above process or mobile SMS. The Sylhet board mobile SMS system is given below.
    SSC SYL 9885521 2020
    For example, SSC SYL 50445114 2020

    SSC Exam Result Dinajpur Board

    Dinajpur board is the last created education board in Bangladesh. In 2006 Dinajpur board start it's under the eight district. Now, the Dinajpur education board gives a significant result. Every year a vast number of students attend JSC, SSC, HSC under the Dinajpur board. While publishing the result, the student tries to collect their result online but failed. They should try to use the alternative way on their official board website ( And also, check it from the instructions below.
    SSC DIN 9885521 2020
    Example: SSC DIN 87199414 2020

    Madrasah Education Board SSC Result

    Madrasha's Student attends the Dakhil exam on the Madrasha board. All over Bangladesh, Madrasha's student attends their exam under this single board. Madrasha board started its work officially in 1979. Now Md. Yousuf work on this board as a chairman. Every year 1-2 lakh students attend the Dakhil exam under this board. That's why it’s the most important part of the Bangladesh education board. Check Dakhil Result 2020.

    Madrasha board publish the Dakhil exam on the same date as others board. Students can found online its official website ( after 2 PM. Their student also applies mobile SMS for collecting this result. Mobile SMS and online method also are similar to other methods. Just type a message from the instructions below and sent it to 16222.
    SSC MAD 9885521 2020
    Example SSC MAD 56733451 2020

    Technical or Vocational Board SSC Result

    The technical board is one of the ongoing education boards in Bangladesh. Our honorable Prime Minister Sheik Hasina tries to increase the number of students on this board. Because in this modern time without technical education, a nation cannot touch development properly. This year a huge number of students attend the exam under the Technical board. The students of the Technical Board, they will collect their exam result via the technical board official website (
    SSC TEC 9885521 2020
    Example: SSC TEC 63445882 2020

    How to Check SSC Result 2020 BY EIIN Number

    Learn How to Check SSC Result 2020 BY EIIN Number. For getting any individual School or Madrasah result, you can check it with the following method. At first, you need to know the School EIIN (Educational Institution Identification Number) number. Then follow the instructions below.
    1. At first, go to Education Board Web-Based Result System for the Institution’s website.
    2. Then click on “SSC/ Dakhil/ Equivalent Result”.
    3. After that, Select the board.
    4. Then Choose Result Type “Institution Result”
    5. Finally, put on the EIIN number and click on the Submit button.


    In the above I can discuss all methods and information about SSC Result 2020. I firmly believed that it will be so easy to get the result quickly through following the instructions correctly. Finally, I want to take a tip before finishing the article to use mobile SMS for getting a result. I suggest you try to send your message using Teletalk Sim Card. It is working fast than the other SIM Card.