Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Bangladesh in 2023

In this article, we will explore the top 10 highest paying jobs in Bangladesh, shedding light on the key sectors and professions

In 2023, Bangladesh's job market is evolving, driven by various factors, including changing demands, technological advancements, and economic growth. While some job roles have become obsolete, new opportunities have emerged, offering lucrative salaries to those equipped with the right skills and qualifications.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 highest paying jobs in Bangladesh, shedding light on the key sectors and professions that promise substantial income potential.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Bangladesh in 2023

Ready-Made Garments Sector Jobs:

Bangladesh is globally renowned for its thriving ready-made garments (RMG) industry, attracting major international brands such as H&M, Walmart, and ZARA. Consequently, numerous job opportunities are available in this sector. Some of the highest paying positions in the RMG industry include General Managers (GM), Production Managers (PM), Garments Merchandisers, Fashion Designers, and Textile Engineers.

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Educational backgrounds in fashion and apparel merchandising can lead to substantial earnings in this sector, with monthly incomes ranging from 16,500 BDT to 954,000 BDT. To maximize your salary potential, gaining extensive experience is essential.


Surgeons play a pivotal role in advancing medical science and saving lives. Due to the critical nature of their profession, surgeons are among the highest paid individuals in Bangladesh. Monthly incomes for surgeons typically range from 44,500 BDT to 154,000 BDT.

The demanding and high-risk nature of surgical practice, coupled with extensive education and training requirements, justifies the substantial compensation offered to surgeons.


Lawyers in Bangladesh provide legal counsel, handle lawsuits, and guide clients on various legal matters. Earning a law degree is a challenging endeavor, but it can lead to substantial financial rewards. Monthly salaries for lawyers range from 30,300 BDT to 105,000 BDT.

Their high intelligence and ability to attract clients contribute to their impressive income potential, enabling them to save or earn significant sums and even secure clients' futures in critical legal matters.

Bank Managers:

Bank Managers hold crucial responsibilities, overseeing overall bank operations and making vital decisions. Their approval is required for loans to individuals and businesses, making them essential figures in the financial sector. Bank Managers in Bangladesh earn monthly salaries ranging from 30,300 BDT to 105,000 BDT.

Handling substantial funds and investments, promoting bank branches, addressing customer concerns, determining sales strategies, and submitting reports to the head office justify their high salaries.

Financial Analysts:

Financial Analysts analyze an organization's financial data to support decision-making, risk management, and goal setting. This profession is highly respected and offers substantial income potential.

In Bangladesh, Financial Analysts can earn at least 100,000 BDT per month, making it one of the highest paying jobs not only in the country but also globally. Completing the Chartered Financial Analyst course is often a prerequisite for entering this field.

Mobile App Developers/Software Engineers:

Professionals with degrees in software engineering or information technology who possess strong programming skills can pursue careers as Mobile App Developers or Software Engineers. These roles are in high demand, both in Bangladesh and worldwide.

In Bangladesh, Software Engineers earn at least 95,000 BDT per month, reflecting the scarcity of qualified professionals in this field.

Social Media Marketers:

Social Media Marketing is on the rise, with companies increasingly using social media platforms for product and service promotion. Surprisingly, Social Media Marketers can earn more than teachers in Bangladesh, with monthly salaries starting at 65,000 BDT.

Experienced individuals can command even higher incomes, making this a financially rewarding career option.


Judges are public officials responsible for presiding over court cases and upholding the law. Their role involves a significant amount of responsibility, and as a result, judges in Bangladesh earn monthly salaries ranging from 37,400 BDT to 129,000 BDT. The difficulty of making life-altering decisions in legal matters justifies their substantial compensation.


Accountants oversee financial activities, audits, and financial functions within organizations. They play a crucial role in maintaining financial integrity.

In Bangladesh, Accountants and Bookkeepers earn a monthly income of at least 50,000 BDT, with senior-level professionals earning more than 100,000 BDT per month. A degree in business-related courses can open doors to higher earnings in this profession.

Electrical/Civil Engineers:

Electrical and Civil Engineers find opportunities in both multinational and local companies in Bangladesh. Salaries in this field depend on experience and the employer. With a minimum of three years of experience, Electrical and Civil Engineers can expect monthly incomes starting at 50,000 BDT. The demand for these professionals remains high, making it a financially rewarding career choice.

Final Words:

In Bangladesh, the job market is dynamic and evolving, offering a wide range of opportunities for individuals seeking high-paying careers. The top 10 highest paying jobs in Bangladesh in 2023 encompass various sectors, including the RMG industry, healthcare, law, finance, technology, and engineering.

While these professions require different skill sets and qualifications, they all promise substantial income potential for those who are dedicated and committed to their chosen field. As the job market continues to evolve, staying informed about emerging opportunities and acquiring the necessary skills is essential for securing a high-paying job in Bangladesh.

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