Mall of Emirates Cinema Ticket Price in 2024

Mall of Emirates cinema ticket prices vary based on the movie, time, and seating type. With multiple ticket options available, you can choose the one

Mall of Emirates cinema ticket prices vary based on the movie, time, and seating type. With multiple ticket options available, you can choose the one that best suits your preferences and budget.

The Mall of Emirates cinema offers a range of movie experiences, from standard screenings to luxury VIP lounges, ensuring a memorable movie-going experience for all. Whether you're looking for a casual outing or a premium cinematic experience, Mall of Emirates cinema has the perfect ticket option for you.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest blockbusters at one of Dubai's premier cinema destinations.

Mall of Emirates: General Information

Discover the Mall of Emirates cinema ticket prices for a memorable movie experience. Plan your visit to one of Dubai's popular destinations and enjoy the latest films at affordable rates.

Mall of Emirates Cinema Ticket Price
General Information
Ticket pricing categories:
  • Standard: AED 50
  • VIP: AED 80
  • 3D: AED 60
  • IMAX: AED 100
Showtime options and availability:
  • Morning: 9am - 12pm
  • Afternoon: 12pm - 4pm
  • Evening: 4pm - 9pm
  • Night: 9pm - 12am

Cinema location within Mall of Emirates:

The cinema is located on the third floor of Mall of Emirates, adjacent to the food court. It is easily accessible by escalators or elevators from different entrances of the mall.

Mall of Emirates Cinema Ticket Price

Pricing for adults: The Mall of Emirates offers competitive ticket prices for adults. Whether you are catching the latest blockbuster or indulging in a classic film, you can expect affordable rates that won't break the bank.

Pricing for children: Treat your little ones to a memorable movie experience with our discounted ticket prices for children. We understand the importance of creating a family-friendly environment, and our affordable rates make it easier for families to enjoy a day at the cinema together.

Matinee show pricing: Looking for a budget-friendly option? Our matinee show pricing is perfect for those who prefer catching a movie in the afternoon. Enjoy reduced ticket prices and still get to experience the magic of the silver screen.

Discounts for seniors and students: We value our senior community and students, which is why we offer special discounts for both groups. Seniors can enjoy discounted ticket prices, while students can make the most of their budget with our student discounts. It's our way of saying thank you for your continued support.

Special Deals And Offers

The Mall of Emirates Cinema offers a variety of special deals and offers to enhance your moviegoing experience. Whether you're planning a night out with friends or a family outing, there are options available for everyone.

Group Discounts Enjoy discounted ticket prices when you visit the cinema with a group of friends or family members. The more people you bring along, the bigger the discount!
Combo Offers Indulge in delicious snacks while watching your favorite movie by taking advantage of the combo offers available at the cinema. These offers provide a combination of discounted cinema tickets and snacks, giving you a great value for your money.
Loyalty Programs and Membership Benefits Make the most out of your cinema visits by joining the loyalty programs or becoming a member. Enjoy exclusive benefits such as priority access to new releases, discounted tickets, and special screenings.

With these special deals and offers, the Mall of Emirates Cinema ensures that you can enjoy the latest blockbusters without breaking the bank. So gather your friends, grab your popcorn, and get ready for a fantastic movie experience!

Premium And VIP Experiences

The Mall of Emirates offers a range of premium and VIP experiences for moviegoers looking to elevate their cinema experience. For those seeking the ultimate in luxury, the cinema offers various premium seating options, including VIP lounges with exclusive access and additional perks. These lounges provide a comfortable and upscale environment for guests to relax and enjoy their movie.

Mall of Emirates Cinema Ticket Price in 2024 

The pricing for these premium seating options varies depending on the specific package and level of luxury. Additionally, the cinema offers luxury cinema packages that include not only premium seating but also a variety of additional amenities such as gourmet food and beverage options. These packages cater to those seeking a truly indulgent movie experience. Overall, the Mall of Emirates provides options for movie enthusiasts to enjoy movies in a premium and luxurious setting.

Online Booking And Payment Options

Discover the convenience of online booking and secure payment options for Mall of Emirates cinema tickets, offering a hassle-free experience for movie enthusiasts. Easily browse showtimes, select your preferred seating, and make your payment online for a seamless movie-going experience.

Online ticket booking process: Booking tickets for movies at Mall of Emirates is a seamless process. Simply visit the official website of the cinema and choose the movie, date, and time slot that suits you. Select the number of tickets you require and proceed to the payment options.

Payment methods accepted: There are various payment methods available, including credit cards, debit cards, online wallets, and net banking. This ensures convenience for customers with different preferences. Simply choose the payment method that suits you best and complete the transaction securely.

Availability of virtual tickets: Mall of Emirates cinema offers virtual tickets, which provide a digital alternative to physical tickets. You can opt to receive your ticket via email or store it on your smartphone for a contactless and hassle-free movie experience. This feature enhances convenience and reduces the need for physical interaction at the cinema.

Refunds And Cancellation Policy

The Mall of Emirates cinema offers a refund and cancellation policy for its customers. In order to be eligible for a refund, customers must meet certain criteria. The cinema does charge a cancellation fee, which should be taken into consideration before making any changes to booked tickets.

If you wish to make changes to your booked tickets, there is a specific process that needs to be followed. The cinema provides guidelines on how to proceed with making any changes to your booking. Make sure to familiarize yourself with these guidelines to avoid any complications.
Refund eligibility criteria Cancellation fees Process for making changes to booked tickets
Criteria 1 Fee amount Process description
Criteria 2 Fee amount Process description
Criteria 3 Fee amount Process description

Additional Services And Facilities

When visiting Mall of Emirates, you can enjoy the latest movies at the cinema at affordable prices. The ticket prices vary depending on the time of day and the type of movie you wish to watch. You can check the current prices on the Mall of Emirates website or at the cinema ticket counter.

In addition to the movie experience, the cinema offers various additional services and facilities. For differently-abled individuals, the cinema provides accessibility options to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. This includes ramps, elevators, and designated seating areas.

For parents and children, the cinema offers facilities such as a dedicated family area where families can relax and enjoy their time together. The cinema complex also provides amenities such as spacious seating, clean and well-maintained restrooms, and a range of food and beverage options to choose from.

Overall, Mall of Emirates cinema provides an all-inclusive and enjoyable experience for moviegoers, with additional services and facilities that cater to the diverse needs of its visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Mall Of Emirates Cinema Ticket Price

What Is The Price Range For Cinema Tickets At Mall Of Emirates?

The price range for cinema tickets at Mall of Emirates varies depending on the movie, time, and day. It generally ranges from AED 40 to AED 75 per ticket.

Are There Any Discounts Available For Cinema Tickets At Mall Of Emirates?

Yes, Mall of Emirates offers various discounts on cinema tickets. You can avail discounts on weekdays, student discounts, loyalty program rewards, and promotional offers. Keep an eye out for special deals and promotions to get the best ticket prices.

Can I Book Cinema Tickets In Advance At Mall Of Emirates?

Absolutely! You can easily book cinema tickets in advance at Mall of Emirates. Through the cinema's official website or mobile app, you can choose your desired movie, showtime, and seats. This ensures you have a confirmed ticket and saves you from potential last-minute disappointment.

Is There A Separate Price For 3d Movies At Mall Of Emirates?

Yes, there is a separate price for 3D movies at Mall of Emirates. 3D films generally have a slightly higher ticket price to cover the additional technology and experience provided. When booking your tickets, check for any special 3D movie pricing and enjoy an immersive cinematic experience.


The Mall of Emirates offers a variety of cinema ticket prices to suit every budget. Whether you're looking for a discounted matinee or a luxurious VIP experience, you'll find options that cater to your preferences. With a range of movie genres and the latest releases, the cinema at Mall of Emirates provides entertainment for everyone.

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