15th NTRCA Exam Question Solution 2019

Are you searching for NTRCA question solution? Here we will provide 15th NTRCA Exam Question Solution 2019 of the academic year 2018. NTRCA exam becomes very popular in our country. Day by day, the number of applicants increased. NTRCA operates the examination. Stick on this article, below you will get the solution of exam question.

Many of us don’t know the meaning and purpose of NTRCA. The full meaning NTRCA is Non-government Teachers Registration and Certification Authority. They appointed teachers on Non-government school. Every candidate must participate in 100 marks exam. If you answer the wrong one, the half number from correct answers will be cut. NTRCA Exam Date 2019 is here.

NTRCA Exam Question Solution 2019

You have to register for participating on NTRCA examination. After registration, you will get a username and password. Only registered users can apply for the examination. The job opportunity is the help to lessen unemployment problems of our country. Find 15th NTRCA Exam Question Solution 2019.

15th NTRCA Exam Question Solution 2019

Candidates must be graduated from government authorized institutes. The condition applied to both school and college level examination. Read all books from class 6 to Hon’s level as much as possible. If you can complete all books and have huge general knowledge, we ensure that you will pass the exam.

Download NTRCA Question Solution 2019

NTRCA School level question and solution 2018

Here we will try to provide questions and right answers of all questions. Experts test all questions. You will practice all the questions for preparation. Don’t avoid reading regular curriculum books. Take a handbook, note down all answers. Exam time is coming to near. So get prepared with the questions and other books.

NTRCA College level question and solution 2019

College level examination is a little harder than school level examination. You need some extra skills and knowledge of current affairs. Also, practice advanced math from various books. Read English grammar book and newspaper to improve English skill. Maximum questions are unseen. So, practice as much as you can. Never try to make a shortcut. Download NTRCA Admit Card 2019 from here. That was published by recently. NTRCA Question Solution and slove may helpful for all NTRCA candidates 2018.

Some tips for NTRCA Exam candidate

Would you like to learn more things? Quickly memorize everything you need to study? It does not matter if you want to acquire new knowledge. We can all take advantage of learning faster. The problem is that we do not have as much time as we would like. The day only has 24 hours, and in them, you must include your hours to eat and sleep. A model called the Pyramid of Learning was developed in which the method and percentages in which humans learned were explained. According to the results of these investigations:
  • 5% of what we learn is thanks to reading.
  • The 10% of what we learn is thanks to reading and repeating what we have just read.
  • 20% we learn through visual or auditory media (videos, apps on your smartphone).
  • 30% of what we learn is thanks to watching demonstrations.
  • 50% we learn when we participate in debates or conversations.
  • 75% of what we learn is thanks to practicing what we have learned.
  • 90% we learn when we use that knowledge immediately, or we teach it to others.
Finally, You may got helped by found 15th NTRCA Exam Question Solution 2019. After passing the exam, the authority will help to get a job in schools and colleges. The 15th NTRCA registration started on 5 December 2018 and closed on 26 December. The fee for the application is 350 bdt.
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